Level 5 - International Diploma In Logistics And Transport

CILT – The Chartered Institute Of Logistics & Transport, UK

Course Outline

This is an entry-level CILT Diploma qualification. Expert trainers in WingsWay have tailor-made the course content to meet local market requirements and designed the syllabus to develop skills-set in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain. Inclusion of the global perspective, the study of multimodal transportation operations, and other relevant topics will make our learners more confident to meet employer’s requirements and enhance employment opportunities, globally.

This course provides the overview of management in logistics & supply chain and planning logistics operations in a global environment by optimizing the usage of resources in various activities right from sourcing, storage & distribution with an objective to meet all customer expectations. The student will gain an overall knowledge of the ‘shipment cycle’ & ‘process flow’ to be equipped to better organize all resources. Level 5 qualification is equivalent to doing 2 years of a degree course.

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    Learner's Profile

    The course is designed to support professionals involved in planning logistics operations and who are already in supervisory, management or operational roles. It will also help commercial and process improvements. Ideal for graduates with non-business degrees moving into the logistics field.

    Course Objectives

    ‘International Diploma in Logistics and Transport’ will enhance new and existing expertise in the supply chain, passenger transport & road freight areas. The Diploma will strengthen your skills in the transport planning environment and help develop strong core management skills.

    Key Topics:

    • Internal Organisation Structure
    • Extern Market Environment
    • Change Management
    • Budgetary Issues
    • Team Behaviour and Management
    • People Management
    • Air, Sea, Land and Rail Transportation
    • Bill of Lading and AWB – Differences
    • People Transportation
    • Authorities Involved & their Roles
    • International Organisations – GATT, WTO etc.
    • Warehouse Types
    • Warehouse Requirements
    • Operations in Warehouse
    • Customer Service in Warehouse
    • INCO Terms 2020
    • Payment Methods, Letter of Credit etc.
    • Other Global Supply Chain Processes

    Course Details

    The objective of ‘International Diploma in Logistics and Transport’ is to enhance new and existing expertise in the supply chain, passenger transport and road freight or transport planning environments as well as developing core management skills.

    Course Content: The diploma consists of total 4 units.


    Unit 1
    Management in Logistics & Transport

    • Internal Organisation Dynamics
    • External Organisation Dynamics
    • People Management
    • Business Planning

    Unit 2
    Transport Planning

    • Modes of transportation (Sea, Air, Road, and Rail)
    • Products and application
    • Documentation and its implications
    • People transportation

    Unit 3

    • Role of the Warehouse in Logistics Strategy
    • Warehouse Operational Procedures and Processes
    • Technology in the Warehouse
    • Warehouse Cost Management and Performance Controls

    Unit 4
    International Business

    • The International Business Environment
    • Developing a Global Logistics Strategy
    • Supply Chain Strategy
    • International Commerce
    Entry Qualification

    Suitable for: Under Graduates | Graduates | Working Professionals

    Career Opportunities
    • Logistics Planning
    • Warehousing
    • Import & Export
    • General Management
    • Product Development
    • Freight Forwarding
    • Supply chain Management
    • Multimodal Transport
    • Business Development
    • Strategic Planning
    • Airport Cargo Operations
    • Airline Cargo
    Next steps

    This Course is a step towards earning Advanced Diploma in CILT Level 6

    Course Duration
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