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I hereby certify that the above information provided in the Admission/Registration Form & all relevant document’s are correct, updated & complete. I agree & understand that misrepresentation of facts or omissions will justify and lead to the denial or cancellation of admission, including expulsion. I have read, understood, and do hereby consent to the below Terms & Conditions.

Terms And Conditions For Admissions:

  1. Payment for any course must be made in full after registration prior to course commencement.
  2. Amount paid is only for the mentioned individual person and for the specified course.
  3. Fees other amounts paid are non-transferable non-refundable.
  4. Method of payment: Demand Draft | Cheque | Credit/Debit Card | Bank Account Transfer.
  5. All Bank Charges are to be borne by Payor. WingsWay Training Institute should receive the full invoice/agreed amount.
  6. Payments are to be made in UAE Dirhams (AED) and/or relevant currency of the International Awarding Body.
  7. Course fee and examination fee may be exclusive of all applicable taxes.
  8. Attendance is mandatory.
  9. In case, student stops classes for any reason, the pre agreed EMI’s to be paid as scheduled.
    Non payment will lead to delisting of student.
  10. Management reserves right to cancel the admission or disallow student from attending classes/exams, without refund, for non-compliance of rules/regulations/behavior/documentary requirements, as set and advised from time to time.
  11. Administration Cost Of AED 100/- Per Week, Will Be Applicable On All Delayed Payments.
    Cancellation of Admission:
    WingsWay also reserves all rights to cancel the admission of any candidate under any of the following circumstances:

    1. If fees are not paid by the agreed date.
    2. If the candidate does not join the program on the start date even if the Fees have been paid.
    3. If the candidate fails to furnish the proof of the stipulated minimum qualifications.
    4. If any instance of unfair means is found after admission.
  12. Right of Modification:
    1. The Institute reserves its right to alter or modify the structure of the course contents.
    2. The fee structure can be modified without prior notice.
    3. The Institute reserves all rights to improvise, modify, alter, add other Terms and Conditions.
  13. Dispute Jurisdiction: Any dispute shall ideally be amicably resolved amongst the parties with mutual agreement.
  14. Limitation Clause: No payment dispute shall be raised after the expiry of 15 days from the date on which the processof admission and/or selection is completed.
  15. Agreement Clause: All students shall be bound by the Terms Conditions of WingsWay.
  16. Placement Clause: WingsWay is a professional training institute. We can offer placement assistance, but we do not provide any job or placement guarantee. Placement can be in any city in any country.
  17. The e-mail contacts provided can be used for communications pertaining new information future offers.
  18. For Credit/Debit Card payments, an additional ‘convenience fee’ of 3% can be charged.
  19. Courier charges (if any) to be borne by students
  20. By signing this form, you agree to have received, or seen on our website, and understood the course contents our policies pertaining:
    Complaints | Data Protection | Equality Diversity | Health Safety | Reasonable Adjustments | Malpractice