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Commercial Contract Management Skills

18th December 2020
21st December 2020

MasterClass on Commercial Contract Management Skills

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Date & Time
Friday, 18th December 2020 at 7:00 pm (19:00 Hours GST, Dubai Time)
Monday, 21st December 2020 at 7:00 pm (19:00 Hours GST, Dubai Time)

1 Hour 30 Minutes
(1 Hour MasterClass & 30 Minutes Q&A)

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Buyers, Sellers & Contract Management Professionals from various Countries in the fields of Procurement & Supply Chain will be attending and benefitting from this MasterClass.



  • Introduction Film
  • Speakers MasterClass on Commercial Contract Management Skills
  • Q&A Session

The buyer and the seller satisfy requirements through effective management of the contract. This skill requires the contract manager to focus on the problem as stated and process the available information and knowledge to achieve an effective solution. This process is highlighted by identifying risks and facilitating the mitigation of the risks. The contract manager should strive to minimize the influence of personal biases, maximize the likelihood of a successful result, and facilitate communication among affected parties.


Successful contract managers are those who can develop and execute business strategies. To serve in this role requires higher education, professional training, and occupational experience to help guide the customer and other stakeholders through the contract life cycle phases. Contract managers must have effective analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills—and must be adaptable to a changing business environment. Contract managers must understand the regulatory environment in order to legally implement effective solutions and manage risk while satisfying contract requirements and obligations.


The size and complexity of the contract will influence the business decisions on which the contract manager needs to focus and require effective application and management of appropriate contract management processes. While constraints may negatively impact behavior in some areas, they should encourage creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills while performing within ethical and regulatory boundaries.

Angshuman Das – Speaker of the Day

Our prolific speaker, Mr. Das, is passionate about Contract Management and has been involved in successfully solving real-world business problems related to Contract Management & Drafting, over the past 27 years. With over two decades of rich experience in Contract Management, Procurement & Governance he is an expert in resource optimization, risk analysis, functional & strategic consultancy, procurement & SCM. He has worked across industries like telecom, services, oil & gas, manufacturing, FMCG, electronics, shipping, logistics & more…

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