Finance for Managers

Managing for Value Creation

About Course

Almost everything in business eventually boils down to the monitory decisions. Every manager needs a basic grounding in finance. And the need becomes greater as one rises in the organizational hierarchy.

Often non-finance executives have an aversion or even fear of accounting and finance. This stems mainly from lack of familiarity. Years of interaction with non-finance executives has convinced me that if the basic of finance are explained in a simple and lucid manner, negative feelings turn into positive appreciation. This course seeks to achieve this transformation.

Distinctive Features

  • Comprehensive and integrated coverage.
  • Thrust on ‘managing for value creation’.
  • Focus on key principles, ideas, and intuitions.
  • Adequate treatment of behavioral dimensions.
  • Discussion of practice at workplace.

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    Course Objectives

    • Designed to demystify the field of finance, this course seeks to
    • Provide a basic understanding of the accounting reports used in business
    • Familiarize the participants with the financial environment of business.
    • Develop skills in applying financial tools and techniques.
    • Hone the finance sense of non-finance executives.
    • Facilitate meaningful communication among managers, using the language of finance.
    • Organizing Framework

    Learner's Profile

    • Supervisor
    • Manager
    • Engineers
    • Bankers
    • Procurement and SCM Professionals
    • Logistics, Warehouse & Transport Professionals
    • Aviation professionals
    • Health care Professionals
    • All Project Managers
    • Middle and senior level managers. Entrepreneurs and businessmen. Finance professionals looking for a holistic view of ‘Modern corporate finance’. Students of MBA, CA, CMA, and CS programmes interested in a straightforward refresher on finance.

    Course Contents

    Module A : Accounting and Financial System

    • Understanding Financial Statements
    • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Strategy, Planning and Budgeting
    • Cost Analysis and Management
    • The Financial System

    Module B : Key Financial Decisions

    • Basic Valuation Concepts
    • Investment Decisions
    • Financing Decisions
    • Working Capital Management
    • Corporate Risk Management

    Module C : Corporate Valuation and Value Creation

    • Corporate Valuation
    • Behavioral Finance
    • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
    • Value Based Management and Organizational Architecture
    • Corporate Governance and Stellar Value Creators

    Module D: Portfolio Management

    • Portfolio Management
    • Distinctive Features
    Entry Qualification
    • Suitable for: Undergraduates | Graduates | Working Professionals
    Course Duration
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