CICCP - Certified International Commercial Contracts Professional

IFPSM - International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management


This course is designed for individuals to support to progress their career by understanding the basic contract concepts to manage the stakeholders and protect the organisations interest. This details professional course will support an individual to understand the detailed contract clauses, their impact and importance.

About IFPSM:

IFPSM is the Global Quality Standard for Supply Chain Educational Programs. 250,000 professionals across 48 countries benefit from our learnings. The course criteria have been developed by a Board of eminent Supply Chain Practitioners and Academics from around the world to reflect current needs of professionals wherever they operate. The standard is under continuous review to reflect changing needs of the supply chain community.

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    Course Content

    Unit 1 – Introduction to Contracts

    • Contract and contract management definition
    • Importance of contract management
    • Structure of a contract
    • Stakeholders roles in contract management

    Unit 2 – Contracts

    • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Arbitration & Legal Issues
    • Contracts Types & Categories
    • Unilateral and Bilateral

    Unit 3 – Best Practices

    • Strong and Lean structures
    • Value Proposition Evolvement
    • 360 degree Alignment & ROI
    • Early Involvement and Influence
    • Supply Risk Vs Reward
    • Service Delivery Model
    • Opportunism and Deliberation with Full capability

    Unit 4 – Types of Contract

    • Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment
    • Blanket Agreement
    • Cost No-Fee & types of Cost sharing and Plus
    • Time and Materials with Labour Hour
    • Letter Contracts & Letter of Credits list

    Learner's Profile

    This course is designed to support professionals moving into, or who are already in supervisory or team-leader roles but require training and development to understand the complete contract management process. CICCP is mainly focused on basics of contracts and management of contract. The course will support to enhance the existing skill set in contract management

    Key Topics

    • Introduction to contract
    • Types of contract
    • Structure of contact
    • Unilateral and bilateral contracts
    • Best practices
    • Procurement Planning & Risk
    • Competitive Bidding
    • Negotiation & Selection
    • Letter of credits
    • Problem solving and Contract life cycle
    • Supply chain
    • Logistics
    • Contract manager
    • Risk management

    Course Objectives

    The course is designed to efficiently & effectively manage the Procurement Process, Supply Base, Operational Requirements, Supplier Rela-tionship and inter-department Relationships. To understand the procurement responsibilities and confidently apply the knowledge in various roles.

    Entry Qualification
    1. Under Graduation
    2. Associated with contracts
    3. New to contract management
    Career Opportunities
    • Procurement
    • Supply chain
    • Logistics
    • Contract manager
    • Contract executive
    • Buyers
    • Customer contract managers
    • Contract supervisors
    • Logistics Manager
    Next steps

    This course is a step towards earning CICCM (Certied International Commercial Managers)

    Course Duration
    Training Hours
    Gross Learning Hours

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